Why did I eat them?

Some of you may know my brother is visiting. For the first time in many years he is visiting for more than 2 days. Two weeks plus… so I didn’t purchase much in the way of groceries before he arrived. Didn’t really know what he liked. The day after he got here and we had discussed food a little bit I went to the store. Now you know I garden, and freeze and can a little bit, so there is always quite a lot to cheese from.

There I was in the store making some pretty silly purchases, great crackers (I don’t need them), strawberries and cilantro, milk and broccoli, yogurt. All items I like to eat, as his tastes seemed to be fairly simple. Eggs with veggies for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch.

Early season strawberries are hard to resist. They smell so good, and look so beautiful, but that’s as far as it goes. And cilantro… I love cilantro… in all kinds of things, with tomatoes, and in spanish rice (which is a staple food choice in our family).

So I get these and other items home only to realize silly me… you have cilantro in the garden this spring! I plant it every year and last year was the first time to be anywhere near successful with it and now it has sprung up all over the place voluntarily. So it’s easy to forget. Dang I wish I had skipped that item… not sure we can make much of a dent in it.

The strawberries were small and they smelled divine so I was looking forward to them. My own very new strawberry bed is doing great but I don’t expect a windfall of berries this year.  I rinsed and set them aside to drain. Meanwhile I stepped out to the garden to look at a few things.

The strawberries plants were covered! Literally covered with green berries. And HO! a couple nearly ripe.

I ate a few of my store bought berries that evening and was sorely disappointed. The next morning I plucked the lone ripe berry, completely raised without chemical fertilizers or pest control, and popped it whole into my mouth. This was followed by a small oral orgasm directly as a result of the juicy strawberry flavored strawberry bursting with (did I mention?) strawberry intensity! I had forgotten how flavorful they really were after years of eating cardboard.

So that evening at diner I suggested composting the rest of the store berries. A real possibility given their innocuous status. The following conversation ensued:

“I think I’ll compost the store berries.”

“Ok. Why?”

“They’re yucky.”

“Well I guess you could. What’d you pay for them?”

“Only a buck and a half.”


After dinner I went in search of a little something sweet. “I think I’ll go ahead and eat these poor things and put them out of their misery. Want some?”


“Are you sure? They’re going to be really attractive in this beautiful black ceramic bowl… pretty red berries.”

“No thanks.”

“You know these berries are a really great vehicle to ingest a massive quantity of sugar.”

“Uh huh.”

“Ok, last call… anyone want a bowl of pretty red cardboard smothered in sugar?”

“No you go right ahead.”

“Ummm, these berries really bring out the flavor of the sugar. Wouldn’t want to mess up the ratio and get too much sugar and overpower the cardboard aspect.”

“No you wouldn’t.”

Gawd, he is so male I think, nodding appropriately all evening. And I sat on the sofa gagging down a bowl of partially dissolved sugar with red highlights pretending to be strawberries and thinking about the rest of my soon to be harvest…

Comparison is a good thing. I have probably purchased my last plastic box of strawberries forever. It’s the principle of the matter. There’s really little reason for food to not taste like food. Is there?

More strawberries tomorrow!!

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