Rodney General Store

This post has been deleted. The edited version has been posted on 8-25-09 with the same pictures. The comments have been saved here.

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One Response to Rodney General Store

  1. Eunice Blevins says:

    Hi again Sarah…The Store…It was geat and I have some old photos from a long time ago of it, but don’e know where they are at this time. If you wanted a bologna sandwich, Mason or Eula Southard would cut you off a slice and put mustard on the bread at a small cost.
    In warm weather, the men would sit on the front porch of the store in those old hand made, cane type bottm, chairs. The chairs legs were slanted back a lot from everyone leanign back against the wall.

    About your Granpa Ed..You were the apple of his eye. You were the first born grandaughter of the family. You loved your grandpa like he loved you. But you didn’t get to see him all the time as he had to work away from home to make money for the family back on the farm. You were 3 years old and Henry, your brother was 1 year old when Grandpa Ed passed away in Phoenix, Az. at Aunt Odessa’s home. He had a masssive heart attack like the rest of his brothers. He was only 56, but lived longer than most of his brothers. We were living on a farm in Iowa at that time working for Mark and Donna Nash, good friends. I don’t know if you remember going to the funeral. You wanted to go so yor Dad and I took you. At that time it was important to you to get to go and say goodbye to him. You handled it quite well. Some people said you were too young, but you wern’t, he was your Grandpa Ed…Love..Mom

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