My Life, by Eunice, page 1

This was sent to me from my Mother. I just opened it moments ago. It made me cry tears of happiness! I’m still crying as a matter of fact! Overjoyed is the word. Anyway, with the exception of a couple misspelled words I am posting it exactly as she wrote it … it’s lovely … and hopefully there is more to come!


Hi There Sarah, well a few lines to get started.  I will put things in here that will not be pertinent to Arkansas, but for information on the family for you.  Then I will go to the move to the Ozarks.  Is that ok for a start?  That will be in the next writing.  Its late 12:30 am and I’m tired..Love…Mom

I was born at St. Joseph Hospital in Phoenix Arizona, October 26, 1938. I had pneumonia at age 2 weeks and nearly died, but made it by the grace of God.

My earliest memories are when we moved from an unknown address in Phoenix to our home on 38th Street just north of Indian School Road.  I was 5 years old.   We lived in an adobe house on 2 ½  acres across the road from a grapefruit grove.

My Dad, William Edward Hargett Jr. was known as Grandpa Ed to you kids.  I remember him mixing mud and straw to make adobe blocks and increased the size of the house. It was a modern house with running water, indoor plumbing and such.  We always had a big garden, a milk cow, some pigs (which Dad would butcher when needed) chickens and such.  I planted sunflowers and they got real big.

I was living in Phoenix Arizona, when your Dads (Kenneth Roy Blevins) family came to Phoenix from Payson, Arizona to visit us.  I was 7 years old.  It was the first time I met your Dad.  Well, I thought he was the greatest.  Well we only saw each other a little during the family visit.  Grandma Jo (Johanna Blevins) was so quiet.  I remember her just sitting with us and not talking.  I guess we did all the talking.

I guess I was a real talker when I was little. I never slowed down.  My Uncle Bob Severn offered to pay me a quarter if I could be quiet for a day.  I think I lost toward the end of the day.  It was tough not talking.  There was so much to say.

One day my family fenced a garden spot and had a gate in it.  There was a strand of barbed wire across the gate while they were building it.  We were told not to go near the gate.  Well…I was running around like a little Indian with only a pair of shorts on (I was very young).  Well, I forgot about the warning and the barbed wire. I was running real fast. The wire caught me just below the neck.  I flipped over the wire and had 21 cuts and scratches on my chest.  The worst was the 4” cut on my right wrist and the 3” cut just below my left collar bone that cut the main artery.  Blood pumped out really bad.  Mom and Dad weren’t home but Odessa and Uncle Bob took me to the hospital and Mom and Dad came there.

I had other episodes with barbed wire and a pitchfork, and survived them all. I guess I was a tough little kid.  I used to box my cousin Lee on Grandma’s side of the family and beat him up all the time when they came to see us from California.  We used boxing gloves tho.

We had lots of family bar-B-Q’s at our place where everyone in the family came. The bar-B-Q pit at the log house in Arkansas was made by my Dad also.

I remember Mom and Dad talking about your Dads folks, Roy and Johanna Blevins in Arkansas.  They moved to Arkansas in 1949.  Dad went to Arkansas to buy a farm for us.  He bought the farm across the dirt road from the Rodney Store.

In 1950 just before we all moved to Arkansas my brother, Gary Hargett went to the Farm to prepare the house for us.

Page 1
Dated June 5, 2009


A few things come to mind after reading this,

1. Bob Severn was married to Eunice’s sister Odessa, making him a brother-in-law.
2. Mom states, “It was tough not talking.  There was so much to say.” That’s where I’m at right now … so much to say I can’t stop writing!
3. How many acres was originally purchased on the farm across the dirt road at Rodney by my Grandfather Ed?

Read page two of Mom’s writing.

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2 Responses to My Life, by Eunice, page 1

  1. Eunice Blevins says:

    Hi there Sarah…The Farm that Granpa Ed bought was 217 acres.
    A lot of years after the family moved to Rodney, and after Granpa Ed passed on, Grandma ‘Hargett’ Dall sold me a parcel at the front of the farm. Its directly across the road from the Old Rodney Store. Of course the price was never talked about to anyone else. Grandma Dall said we would use the lots to park our travel traler on when we came to visit so we didn’t have to drag the railer across the creek. So your Dad, Ken, had us hooked up with water, electric and sewer. We were all set up when we went to visit or spent time in between jobs from then on…catch ya later…Love…Mom

  2. Gilbert Hamling says:

    Hey Sarah, Have your mom keep up the good work! I enjoyed the start!! I thought the farm was 270 acres but I guess I never really knew or cared. We just used to like to go there and play in the creek or go up on the hill and watch the deer. Sure do miss those times but I guess everything changes with time.
    Great Blog Keep it up!


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