Garlic; Salt, Roasted And In Pesto


I prefer genovese basil for pesto, although I have also used Thai basil and lemon basil. Both make a unique pesto suited to different eating experiences.

this years harvest

This years garlic harvest. I wish I could tell you what variety it is but I’ve forgotten! It is purple skinned and has medium to large cloves, and soft neck.

The garlic harvest has been in for quite a while and it’s time to roast some, make a new batch of garlic salt and bring in enough basil for some pesto!

Each year I usually grow about 100-300 heads of garlic. This year the harvest was roughly 200. That’s a lot of garlic! What do I do with it? I keep the best of the best for this falls seed to plant. I will make a few quarts of garlic salt to use and give as gifts and to sell on Etsy. I will make pesto all season as the basil matures and I will roast some here and there for meals. I hope 200 heads are really enough!

Click the links for these recipes!


Garlic Salt

Roasted Garlic

Pesto Sandwich

Lemon Basil Cookies

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