Rabbit Manure And Such

Garden gold. I have a supplier in Norfork but I’m keeping him a secret. He used to sell rabbit manure for a dollar a bag, now it’s a buck and a half (that’s still pretty cheap). You know those  good sized bags that feed come in. It usually works out just about right. Empty the feed to the rabbits, shovel the manure back into the bag. Sell it.

I generally purchase 10-20 bags early in the spring and work them into the beds. Then I get a few more later on to dress individual plants or beds along with the makings from Audrey, the compost bin. You can read about her in another post. click here Anyway rabbit manure is about as good as it gets for direct application of manures. It won’t burn plants even smallish ones. You can also make a tea out of it. No don’t drink it yourself, just water seedlings with diluted rabbit manure tea along with diluted compost tea and your seedlings will be strong and healthy.

Put a shovel full or two of compost in a clean five gallon bucket and fill it with water. Add a couple tablespoons molasses to feed the beneficial bacterial growth. Stir well. Cover loosely. You’re not looking to ferment it just keep the dogs from drinking it all before it’s done. Stir it every day and let it simmer about a week. Keep it in a warm place outdoors as it will smell yucky and make sure it’s not in direct sunlight to avoid bad stuff growing in it.

Here’s a link for a really sophisticated tea making git up. I don’t think this much effort is necessary but some of you might be gizmo geeks and like it.click here

Why go to the trouble of brewing, straining, and spraying a tea rather than just working compost into the soil? Several reasons. First, compost tea makes the benefits of compost go farther. When sprayed on the leaves, compost tea helps suppress foliar diseases, increases the amount of nutrients available to the plant, and speeds the breakdown of toxins. Using compost tea has even been shown to increase the nutritional quality and improve the flavor of vegetables. If you’ve been applying compost to your soil only in the traditional way, you’re missing out on a whole bunch of benefits (this from finegardening.com).

Check out these links;




If you Google “compost tea” you’ll get about 117,000 sites to look at. My cursory glance came away with this opinion … most of these sites are selling high dollar equipment you don’t need. Unless you’re a garden techy with more money than good sense.

You might want to add a couple shovel fulls of rabbit manure to the compost pile once in a while also to keep it healthy.

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