08 China

A surprising place in Mountain View, Arkansas, home of folk music, 08 China has little to none street appeal not unlike most eateries in Mountain View. Inside, the decor is just as sparse, utilitarian tables and chairs with a few booths along a wall. There is no atmosphere at all unless none is something… hmmm… The buffet looked sparse but it’s often the best choice in a questionable place. I was pleasantly surprised! Each dish I tried had a very distinct taste unlike some oriental buffets these days where it all tastes the same. The hot and sour soup (my favorite almost anywhere) had a very nice hot to it and an interesting sour. The egg rolls seemed prefab but were passable, the fried wonton with cream cheese tasty and fresh. I ate too many dishes to remember except they were each uniquely spiced. The dessert choices were poor as all are becoming, canned, frozen, and prefab of the worst kind, some fresh fruit which was too green, and canned pineapple. I always have the pineapple no matter the state of it as it keeps me from heartburn especially if it’s a fried or carb rich meal.

Do give them try if you’re tired of the same old hamburger joints and in a hurry in Mountain View!
Prices for lunch ranged from $4.95 to $6.55 for the buffet.
Dinner prices from $6.50 to $10.95 with many items in the mid range.

Bonnie appetite! Thanks for being my lunch companion John.

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