A Fine Meal

I had a real fine meal at a friends house yesterday and found myself wanting to tell you about the visit. I’ve known Joanne about 4 or 5 years but never been to her home. I didn’t take a single photo because it was raining fairly steady and the company was so very fine I totally forgot! I hope to get invited again sometime and promise to take pictures of her solar powered log home and the gardens.

There was the two mile meandering driveway up and down beautiful Ozark hills then you burst onto her property with Loblolly pines about eight years old growing about the place. Quite unique and beautiful. The drive then winds around the house in a lovely arc over a grassy area past sheds, gardens and a small orchard.

Long wide wooden steps lead you to the body of the inviting covered porch where a huge view of the nearby hills and dales from this hilltop point invite the eye to wander.

A dozen plus chickens and a rooster free range the yard while two friendly dogs keep an eye on them. These are good eggs! I speak from first hand experience.

Inside the home is even more impressive … a small well organized kitchen/dining area furnished with wood and wrought iron already has welcoming aromas wafting about and the comfortable living room furniture easy on the sitting. Classic rock and blues gently filled the air through the evening.

Dan fed us a perfectly cut and balanced salad, some ingredients fresh from the garden. This followed by grilled salmon steaks, fresh eggplant and some of the most beautiful peppers I’ve seen marinated in olive oil and Balsamic then grilled, and bow tie pasta in a creamy sauce. Yum! I indulged and had one and a half glasses of wine! Oops, I almost forgot the pesto bread! Dan pressed a hunk of rising dough flat on a board and covered it with prepared (homemade) pesto, rolled it up, tucked in the ends and baked it after it had risen. That was a delight.

Thank you Jo and Dan.


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