November Garden

This is my first year to have a fall garden. I’ve always wanted one but in August, when it has to be planted (for the most part) I am quite honestly just about sick of toiling in the garden. This year finds me with a small but satisfactory experimental fall garden and plans to put more effort into one next year. Next years wish list will also include lettuce, more collards and peas, radishes, and maybe some parsnips. Parsnips really enjoy cold weather to be good.



Cayenne peppers in a big pot still producing tasty peppers to add to eggs and flavor Mexican dishes.


I have six collard plants (more next year!). Enough for one person every few days. Cut the largest 2 or 3 leaves every few days and it's enough for a serving of fresh greens.


The rhubarb has been making new growth with all the rain and moderate temperatures. I cut a couple stems from each plant to make a small pie.


Several rows of green onions provide seasoning for salads and eggs. The garlic is about this same height now. It will get harvested in the early summer.


Several basil plants continue to provide me with beautiful leaves. It did get a little nipped by frost a couple mornings but is still producing.


A short row of black beans for drying is taking it's time. An earlier harvest proved to be all but lost. Not sure what happened to it. These are near ready.


Fall broccoli should be really fine eating! I have 14 stalks and it should be happy in the ground through all but a really hard frost. I'm looking forward to this crop! It's just beginning to make heads the last week plus.


A short row of snow peas will give me a handful every few days for salads.


Celery fines can be used in potato salad and cooking. They are prolific!


Lemon balm makes a refreshing tea. Use it fresh for sun tea or dry some to make a cup of hot tea. Sweetened with a spoonful of honey it's tasty!


Chives to snip and adorn the top of eggs, salad and baked potatos.

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