BBbbrrrr.... it looks cold out. Smokey gazes out the window on a frigid morning a couple winters ago.

It’s snowing in these hills! As it should this time of year.

Sometime around 1960 in Arkansas. Me, my little brother and Mom.

Jonquils coming up through the snow winter of 07-08.

The creek crossing at Rodney. Late 50's or early 60's. Probably taken by my Mother.

The ice storm of 09.

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One Response to Snow

  1. The photo of you, Sarah, Henry and I, Mom, Eunice ‘Hargett’ Blevins, was taken between our log house and the creek in the parking area.
    Sarah, you were about 2 1/2 and Henry was about 3-4 months old as he was born Jan 7, 1958.

    The photo of the ‘creek crossing’ was taken near our log home toward the Rodney Store.

    Sarah, you have done such a wonderful job and have been so creative to say the least. Its amazing…Love you…Mom, Eunice. Keep up the great work.

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