That Ain’t Right

After a week plus of temps in the teens and single digits here in the Ozarks, the snow is melting and birds are singing outside my bedroom window! I noticed narcissus poking their little heads through solid ice on Saturday. I have never seen them come up quite this early (January 9) and they were 2 inches tall then!

As is sometimes the case, I didn’t get the camera out and photograph the event. I could photograph them today but in this cyber world it would be no proof of date.

Here they are anyway! The snow and ice have all melted.

So here we are half way through January already and I haven’t even started any of my January projects, AND my seed catalogs are arriving. Yesterday I tried to purchase peat pots at Lowes and they didn’t have any yet. If the collards don’t get started in a few days I won’t have that great head start I like so well. Plan B is looking better every second I wait to get them started.

What is plan B? Well, using all manner of miscellaneous small yogurt containers etc. But what a mess that is. I love the rows of tiny neat peat pots, filled with threadlike stems poking through the potting mix. The minute baby leaves twisting and forming, reaching for the light thrill me.

Maybe I’ll switch to plan C. It’s not developed yet but I’m sure it will come to me today, or tomorrow.

Baker Creek seed catalog is my favorite. Happy seed catalog perusal!


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3 Responses to That Ain’t Right

  1. clemcrazy says:

    Ooh lovely picture! It’s nice to see something green. 🙂 Up here in the cold frozen north, we won’t see those little beauties until at least April. Thanks for sharing (and good luck finding those elusive peat pots!)

  2. John says:

    That pic makes me wanna start my Tomato plant too early! You might remember my mater patch from last year, as you stopped by and took some pics. Here is what it looked like towards the end of season:


    Here are some of the heirlooms we grew:


    Almost time to start anew! This year we are starting around 5000 plants. (gulp)


  3. John says:

    Of coarse you may, use them as you wish! I peruse your blog often and truely enjoy it.



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