This Day in the Ozarks

Wading in the river below Norfork Dam. My feet did get numb! But I've been skinny dippin in colder water!


Pelican in flight.


Near sunset at Norfork Dam.


More of tonights lovely sunset.


Taken through the window of a speeding car. I take after my mother this way; she was always filming the roadside through the drivers window while driving on the highway with her 8mm camera!

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4 Responses to This Day in the Ozarks

  1. Will says:

    great pictures, great scenes

  2. Lois Reborne says:

    It was a pretty sunset near West Plains as well. Nice pics!

  3. K.S. says:

    Very Nice!!! almost feel like I was there….

  4. Brenda McCalmont says:

    What a beautiful day you shared with us all. Thanks

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