It’s Dang Cold to be Planting!

We’re past pea planting time by two weeks and quickly heading into potato planting time. But with temps barely getting up past freezing most days and night time mostly in the 20’s, I’m not about to stick my hands in the dirt yet.

Early last summer. That's the clothesline running through the picture. I swear I'll get better at picture taking one of these days!

Flowering bulbs have been up for weeks but around Moonmooring they seem stilted. Sitting on go just waiting for warmer weather before making any more moves. I brazenly cleaned up two small flower beds, and have made a personal commitment to working in the yard every single day. No matter what!

It was down right nippy out there this afternoon; standing in the breeze raking patches of leaves and flat burning them to get a head start on ticks, my brother commented on the sanity of it all (If you click the sanity link check out the first and fifth pic!).

Notice the haphazard layout.

I feel confident peas would be happy in this cool spring but 2 weeks ago there was a thick layer of snow and ice. That’s not to say it can’t be done. One year, determined to get them planted, out I went on February 14th (my preferred day to plant peas). As I got down to the last half row it started snowing to beat the band. I sat back on the ground, looked up, licked snow from my lips and roared with laughter! I also feel confident laughter is good for the garden!

Something is holding me back this year though. It’s a bigger plot. Not a garden plot, well I guess it is a garden plot of sorts. A plan and a plot are sort of similar… Anyway, the plot this year is to change the plan; no early crops.

This garden, planted last summer, belongs to my cousin Mark. No self respecting weed would even attempt to grow in this plot.

I have helpers coming later this month. We are going to tear out the old electric (and shabby) fence, pull up the worn out beds, take down Audrey the compost bin, and bulldoze the whole affair. I hope that doesn’t sound too shocking. There’s a reason for everything.

When I started gardening years ago the little plot was postage stamp size and I knew next to nothing about gardening. The beds run sixteen different directions and none of them the right way. The walk ways are too narrow to take a wheelbarrow through, and it is far from flat! Any Ozark body with a single nip of moonshine would stagger out there.

It’s bulldozing season! Gonna flatten it out the best the lay of the land will allow, stir up all the bed contents with fresh compost, realign them, fill them up and re-fence the whole mess. Which it won’t be by then, it will be glorious.

This garden belongs to my friend Pat. Her style tends toward the wild side with things growing here and there. It is however always lush, beautiful and plentiful!

I will have to relocate a blueberry bush and the rhubarb patch (which has never been too happy with its’ location anyway). There is the strawberry patch which I so lovingly acquired last spring and relocated (again!) last fall. Deer got in sometime and nuzzled their way into eating it all to the ground. I’m not sure any of them will grow back. Long sigh.

What I know will be missing this spring is early peas and lettuce which I so dearly love. I can get a good fall crop though. I might loose the garlic too, but I should be able to squeeze some late greens in … we’ll see.

Wish me well on the garden refurbishment please! If it’s not blowing tomorrow I’ll rake and flat burn another area of yard.

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3 Responses to It’s Dang Cold to be Planting!

  1. Will says:

    it’s gonna be great

  2. I’m going to plant peas this weekend, no matter what! Soil temps are hovering around 40 degrees in central IL.
    Good luck!

  3. Lorrie says:

    My hands are gettin’ antsy too….today, transplanted some succulents to give to the Humane Society to sell like I usually do….have been purchasing flowers to plant and want to start weeding…this weekend will be the right temp!

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