Yard Work, post apocalyptic Ice Storm of “09”

You may know I worked for the evil empire last winter learning to prepare taxes. It wasn’t a fun winter. You may also know it was the “Ice Storm of the Century” here in this neck of the woods. So, between working two jobs and being in the middle of “Ice Storm” fallout yard work fell to the wayside. By the time tax season was over the weeds and grasses had grown up and through everything downed. This created a major mess.

The damage looked like this everywhere!

This spring I’m working on gaining ground so to speak, and clearing, burning, raking… the usual only with a lot more attention, time and detail.

There's no shortage of material to dispose of.

This chilly morning found me in the yard at 7:15. In the cold. It was 31 degrees. There was frost on the proverbial pumpkin.

Sweatshirt, gloves and heavy work shoes took the edge off along with my exertions but my teeth still got cold and my toes never did warm until I came in. But I got a lot of raking and some burning done. Started clearing along a low rock wall with a flower bed on the upper side and one can see progress!

The bad part of all this is, once I start I find it difficult to get to a stopping point. Overwhelmed with the desire to relay all the stones in the low wall, which has become overgrown in the last years, I really had to have  a stern talk with myself.

Two hours in the yard was a good start to the day. A little progress each day… chipping away at the several acres I call “yard”.

The jonquils still aren’t blooming, but they are ready! Some of the other bulbs have been nipped by frost and we’ll have to wait and see if they bloom or not.

Th commitment to a little each day is working!

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