Re-vamping the Garden! Day One

It’s been a busy day and I am one tired woman! This was officially day 1 of the Big Garden Project at Moonmooring. You may know the plan is to take down the fence, beds, Audrey (the compost bins) and rework the whole thing.

Taken in 2007. Notice the haphazard arrangement of beds and walkways. There's Audrey in the left background, and the tree stump I took out today on the back right.

Today I raked about half the garden area and burned most of it. Too many weed seeds to compost that stuff! I pulled 10 five gallon buckets of green weeds and put them in long term compost. Hmm … I need to name that pile. I pulled all the stakes up, moved a pile of rotting boards, five tire beds, two rotting log/timbers, picked up and moved all manner of misc. “stuff” (where does it all come from?), and dug a couple buckets of bulbs to relocate. I moved 2 big lawn chairs, fence posts, rakes and shovels, many 5 gallon buckets, cleaned around the horseshoe pits and rolled up hundreds of feet of hose. I pushed over the rotting tree stump and uncoiled the rope lights from it. Dumped and moved several flower pots for annuals.

All the hog wire and posts these peas grew on last year will come out tomorrow or the next.

This is a pretty poor photo but it shows how narrow some of the walkways are. Too narrow to walk down almost!

The illustrious Audrey Bin A of compost. To be moved.

A bed of baby beans poking their little heads up last year.

Last year the cucumbers were grown on a 4X4 wire trellis. EASY to pick but the yield wasn't as big. Could have been the location, it was a new bed. I will certainly repeat this method.

You might recognize this hornworm. It has a home on the header of Marideths gardening blog.

I’ll post a few current pictures of the progress being made tomorrow night. I don’t expect much in the way of a summer garden this year with all that needs to be done, but a big plan is underway for a fall garden. More details later!

By the way, I find myself a little shy on help this Friday and all weekend. if you’d like to get your hands dirty and dig in the dirt flash me an e mail!   I could really use a hand or 2 or 3 on Friday to get ready for the heavy machinery.

See Mar’s gardening blog.

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One Response to Re-vamping the Garden! Day One

  1. Hi there Sarah…Hey its coming along nicely. We just hit 60 degrees here in Utah, so know it must be real nice back there in Arkansas. I love your photography….Love…mom

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