Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Squares

Sunbonnet Sue

These eight Sunbonnet Sue quilt squares were worked by my Grandmother Johanna Blevins sometime before 1950. They were given to my mother, Eunice Evelyn Hargett, about the time she and my father, Kenneth Blevins, were married in 1955. Mom, Eunice, gave them to me many years ago as a Christmas gift.

Mom stored them flat in a cedar chest all those years with the intention of a quilt. I have them stored in archival quality scrapbook page savers.

There are eight blocks, each with different flour sack fabric all approximately 10 X 11 inches. The background is thin muslin, faded and yellowed with time. The black detail is tiny hand stitches.

My paternal Grandmother, Johanna Blevins, with my Dad, Kenneth (R), and his older brother George (L). Taken in the late 1930's. Two more children were born later, Leon and Laura.

See the full size quilt squares; Square #1Square #2Square #3Square #4Square #5Square #6Square #7Square #8

Pictures of Mom and Dad.

Pictures of Rodney Arkansas.

A Day in the Ozarks; a four page pictorial of my maternal Grandmother’s  house in Rodney as it stands (just barely) now.

Dad told me this morning that his mother was always quilting and she made many quilts in her life. They lived in Globe Arizona at this time and would go to the small burg of Pine, to the Mormon church and make community quilts.

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4 Responses to Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Squares

  1. Sarah, The photos of the quilt squares turned out just wonderful. The colors came to life. I like the way you put the painting of Granddma Jo, your dad and uncle George in also. Just Stunning…Love you…mom (Eunice)

  2. Candy Lander says:

    Very nice job! My mom has some old quilts that I rescued for her. My step grandfather kept them and then his next wife found them and sent them to me. My mother’s great grandmother had made them in the 1860’s. She has them over a banister. Always wondered how to keep them protected?????Great job with the site too! Candy

  3. Barbara says:

    Sarah – What a great idea to preserve the quilt squares! I think my favorite part of the squares is the matching embroidered flowers on the hats and the pantaloons (is that the right word?). Just precious.

  4. Sandra says:

    Planning a partial estate sale this weekend. Have one vintage Sunbonnet Sue square in perfect shape…..approximately 18 by 12….can’t decide if I should keep it…have no idea what to sell it for! I am retired and my granddaughters grew up before I made them the pillow I meant to make for one of them….have got to stop being so sentimental but don’t want to be stupid and “give it away”….what do you think?

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