Weekend at Sylamore Creek

The view from the back yard.

I spent a nice relaxing weekend in a big ole cabin with a few friends near Sylamore Creek this past weekend. It was rainy and sunny and warm and cold! We laid around, watched a couple movies and ate, and ate and … well you get the idea.

Our hosts Guy and Liz brought steaks to grill. Along with a pasta salad, broccoli and carotts, roasted garlic and french bread we filled up pretty quick. That mess of grub was followed by brownies and strawberry ice cream!

I was so relaxed all weekend I almost forgot to take pictures! This is the only decent one I got!

I spent most of Saturday drowsing in the sun, in the bed, and on the sofa (my attempt to watch a movie), and listening to the roar of rain on the tin roof  while daggers of lightning sliced through the evening air. Everything was crisp and clear the next morning.

We polished off the weekend by playing several games of pool in the game room with Guy offering great tips! Thanks! Now I remember how much I used to enjoy the game.

For more info on the creek and surrounding area here’s a couple links.

River Facts

Swinging Bridge
Blanchard Springs Caverns

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One Response to Weekend at Sylamore Creek

  1. My idea of relaxation..especially the rain on the tin roof, brings back good memories of the log cabin at Rodney where we used to live…Love…mom

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