Easter Sunday, What’s Blooming? 2010

Dogwoods, beautiful as always.

Last year on Easter Sunday it had been pouring down rain and what flowers that were blooming were almost laying flat on the ground. This year it’s been beautiful the last few days and many more flowering tree’s and plants are in bloom. I’ve been under the weather though with a flu or cold or bad allergies. I can’t tell which for sure. Yesterday I ventured outside for some fresh air and snapped some shots of what’s blooming in the yard. My son’s in-laws are having a big tado at their place in town but I opted to stay at home and try to breath normally!

This tree is always pretty for a couple weeks. I think it's some kind or non bearing pear. It has some scary thorns!

Either flowering clover or a tiny woodland violet.

The redbuds.

The last of the hyacinth fading fast.

Dandelions blooming and gone to seed.


Lilacs starting to bloom.

White shamrocks?

A rusty fish swimming through the fronds of daffodil.

A little house perched upon a rock sandy from the last rain.

The azaleas, strawberries and daffodils are springing into action. Little white berries soon red and bursting with flavor to eat straight from the garden. And mullein popping up all over the yard to bloom later this fall.

I had an untraditional spring meal today. One to hopefully help clear my head congestion. Indian rice and chicken with ginger, cinnamon and cardamon. I feel improved.

Chicken and Rice

with Indian Spices

This recipe has been moved to Moonmooring Grub, the new Moonmooring food blog!

Easter Sunday 2009

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