Anniversary Issue

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No there won’t be any motorcycles or bikinis!

About one year ago I started this blog and  planned to create an anniversary post with links to my personal favorites, and talk about how the blog has evolved. I got sick last week and haven’t had any blocks of time big enough to hold a long steady train of thought. The Easter post took me 2 and a half days!

So, a day late and a dollar short so to speak, here it is in all it’s glory!

When this all started I promised it would never be about my emotional baggage or diet delimmas. But my goodness I have lost 20 pounds since the first of the year and having recently cleaned out my closet, discovered an entire wardrobe I can once again wear again! I am tickled. I also finally made a batch of homemade soap for the first time, with the help of Bro, and it has turned out well. I’m really pleased. It wasn’t as difficult as I made it out to be. I tend towards that end of the spectrum at times. I have also tackled my own tax return this year, for the first time in my entire adult life.

You may know me well enough to understand how much I loath approaching a tax return. Anything more complicated than a 1040EZ and I get  a nervous twitch.  I don’t really have any clear recollection of how I managed in past years, with the exception of the previous two. For TS 07 (that’s tax lingo for Tax Season 2007) I allowed the great Empire of HRBlock to prepare my return at a great financial cost to myself. It was a staggering amount of money by my way of thinking, and an event I didn’t want to repeat.

I combatted my desires by signing up for HRBlocks Tax Preparation class for TS08. I thought I might loose my cookies. All kinds of wild contradicting thoughts swirled through my head. Am I nuts? Won’t an office job be cool? I can have my nails done and answer phones and file things. Remember how difficult it is to not throw up just thinking about P/L statements let alone doing a return? I suffered through the class. I did ok, being a freak about detail. I wore dresses and schmoozed with class mates. I got hired to be a Tax Preparer. I had an office. Sort of. Don’t get me started on that one. I answered phones, filed, didn’t do my nails, listened to all the office gossip and smiled a lot. I froze up and cried doing my first real life tax return.

A slice of the American Pie.

They kept me on through the season in a back office doing non preparation of tax returns. It was tedious. I learned a LOT and vowed to never go there again.

What to do for TS 09?  I have agonized and puked my toenails up for over 3 months and finally tackled doing it myself, online, and I have survived!! Emotional hurdle #1 of the year 2010 completed.

You would think making a batch of laundry soap with only four ingredients, requiring simple kitchen implements and very basic instructions to be a breeze for someone who makes pie crust from scratch and creates sumptous asparagus quiche without batting an eye, to be an easy task. But no. I strongly dislike new things. They scare me. I might fail. Something more interesting might come along any minute and take me away. You get my drift.

As an aside; the only person on the whole planet who makes a better pie crust than myself  is my Mother. She taught me how. I think she uses more shortning than I do. Use lard if you can stand to. Otherwise ONLY Crisco. It’s got to do with the viscosity. More on the subject later on.

So Bro and I made soap  and  I love it! My sister’s family has been making and using it for about a year and they love it. I want to experiment a little and see if I can add some essential oil to the brew without it changing its’ chemical composition. I just don’t know. Wouldn’t want to loose that gelling action. Emotional hurdle #2 under my belt.

Getting my clothes closet cleaned out is a dreaded job. I never seem able to throw anything out. So why spend the time. But it’s

The most tidy it’s been in many years.

done. All the hard core winter things are clean and put away. All the cool weather things are on the left side of my closet with costumery, scarves, and things to repair. On the right are lots of pants that fit! Because of my recent dieting success! Many tank tops and overshirts to wear them with and dresses! Everything fits again! Eureka!

There are still several more pounds to loose by the way.

There is even a huge pile of give away items. Due to some Zen like conversation recently with Bro, I have found a peaceful place in my heart to let things go. It’s rather refreshing. And Zen like. Emotional hurdle #3 under my belt.

So, I’ve broken all my rules about this blog, here in this post. As an anniversary issue. I know some of you would have preferred swimsuit models and such. But hey, I get to make the rules about breaking the rules too.

I didn’t get a photo of the soap making process. The thought of my ponderous self stooped over a 5 gallon bucket , hands grasping a long wooden stick stirring the foaming swill… well I just couldn’t do it. It made me think of Ma Kettle or Mammy Pammy.

Disclaimer: This post is in NO way an endorsement for any of the following agencies; HRB, Weight Watchers, Fels-Naptha soap, or any brand of closet organizers.

Happy One Year Anniversary!

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  1. Wow, that was really interesting. Very good. Now I will go to your first post and others…Love y ou…mom

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