Strawberries and Black Snakes

The ground around my splayed feet was littered with bits of blood red matter. Glancing at my hands I noticed the same color dripping from some of my fingertips. I could see teeth marks in pieces closest to me. Belching with satisfaction I reached for the last strawberry in my basket, sniffed, closed my eyes in bliss and bit into it. Juice squirted into my mouth and down my chin. It rolled around my mouth and teased my taste buds to ecstasy. I had eaten every one of them right in the garden moments after picking them.



If you remember, last summer I promised to never buy another commercially grown strawberry and I haven’t so far. Not planning on it either.

My little berry patch is really producing! Something I always find amazing. A few starts or seeds, some rich dark soil, water, sunshine and viola! Food magically appears! Tasty food.

The patch was acquired early last spring after my aunt passed. I carefully dug them up and transplanted them into a makeshift bed in my garden space. Then last fall I transplanted them to a tire bed. And they liked it; but I didn’t get it covered soon enough and the deer or rabbits had a nice meal of tender strawberry plants. Ate them right down to the ground. I really didn’t think there was anything at all left of them.

Halfway through the winter new growth began to appear and full fledged beautiful plants grew in all but two of the mini beds. There’s about 20 plants of the original sixty. I know that’s not a very good return but it is what it is.

A week ago I had two ripe berries that tasted like heaven! Today there was a bowl full of ripe berries. I picked them into a basket, sat on a stool right there and ate them, dropping the stem ends on the ground where I sat. Juice ran from my fingers. I’d like to think there will be enough for a strawberry shortcake soon … we’ll just have to wait and see.

There is no way to describe the flavor of a vine ripened strawberry. You know how good the store bought ones smell? Well, home grown strawberries smell better and taste just like they smell!


On another note, as I was heading out today I saw a large black object laying in the driveway ahead of me. I thought it was a “something” that had fallen from Bro’s truck. As I got closer it began to move and I realized it was a rather large black snake. So I whipped out my camera, jumped from the car and took a few photos of it. It was eight or ten feet long and just creeping along kind of slow, not in any hurry.


I’m usually real scared of any snake, but over the years I have talked myself into understanding that black snakes are our friends … eating mice and vermin. So unless one startles me I have been remaining pretty cool. Like today. My heart didn’t even race. It was kind of cool.

A couple years ago my son Adrian got some good photos of an even larger black snake coiled up in a tree limb near the same area. Must be a lot of vermin around.


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2 Responses to Strawberries and Black Snakes

  1. eb - mom says:

    oh YIKES….

  2. laura says:

    Yummmmmm! There’s not much that beats fresh ripe strawberries! Vine to mouth with stems on the ground! 🙂

    And nice pic of the black snake! I never had that fear that so many folks have. I’ve always loved snakes and used to torture my mom with them frequently as a child! LOL

    Thanks for sharing!

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