Sunday Morning

The sky and air are sparkling clear and the earth is moist soaking wet. (I just recently learned about that strike through thing.)


Slicing them up almost seemed wrong. But I wanted to jazz them up with a bit of brown sugar.

This morning I enjoyed a leisurely cup of coffee before heading out to my meager garden. It gave me a pint of vine ripe strawberries. How many days in a row can one consume a pint or more of strawberries? I’m giving it my best shot. I could probably freeze a few for later to make a batch of jam … Nyet! Maybe next summer when the crop is more abundant.

You can get one of those little scooped things from Pampered Chef. It works amazingly well, without crushing the berries.


A spoonful of brown sugar adds a nice touch, making the berries glisten with delight. I learned this from my friend Lois who is a serious foody!

Right off the bat this morning I made a big baked egg custard. Bro and I both really enjoy it and many of my clients have been sharing their fresh eggs with me. I am enjoying every one of them. Here’s a sneak preview of the finished product!

The finished custard!

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