Refrigerator Guts

I was greeted Friday mid morning with a disgruntled refrigerator having what ultimately ended up being a near death experience for it.

I had been eyeing it quizzically for a few weeks off and on. I couldn’t put my finger on the exact problem but it was somehow making me uneasy. It had been accumulating water in the bottom and appeared to not be defrosting correctly. The ice maker also wasn’t working but I wasn’t too worried about that since it had been non working for over a year.

Living in abject (subjective, I assure you) poverty amongst the squalor of riches Ozarks lifestyles offer, creates a sense of apathy about things one wouldn’t expect. My home was paid for long ago, along with my two elderly vehicles and secondhand furniture. So my expenses consist of utilities (which are minimal) and feeding myself. They say we live according to our means, usually in reference to more cash flow and less to actually spend! I have found it works in the opposite direction also. But I digress.

Slightly broken refrigerator didn’t take a place on the priority list. It was still keeping my food cold and frozen so not to worry!


The gaping maw of broken appliances careens over ... over something.

Thursday evening my concern was heightened. The fridge seemed to be running non stop, but I was busy about the kitchen and not paying rapt attention to it. I did mention in to Bro and he even took a look inside. Mostly what he noted was an abundance of condiments and his comment was similar to this; “Well most of this stuff needs to be thrown out anyway.” He seems to interact more energetically in an emergency situation than an impending one. I nodded in his direction.

My plan for Friday morning was to move furniture, sweep, and mop my bedroom. A feat seldom approached but since nothing much is happening in the garden this spring I have time for tasks I wouldn’t normally even think about.

I got my room good and tore up. Furniture all in a disarray, rugs up and at the ready for shaking, vacuum out, mop water ready, bed stripped, then decided to fortify myself with some breakfast before finishing up.

When I hit the kitchen I sensed distress in fridge noises … just not quite right. I went for some eggs and a glass of milk and noticed it just wasn’t up to snuff. Nothing felt really cold enough. Sure enough it was going south.

This qualified as an emergency situation and Bro was at the ready! We emptied the one hundred and twenty three miscellaneous condiment bottles and 4 containers of “real food” to coolers and transfered it all to the spare fridge. In the Ozarks most people who live off the beaten path as I do have a spare of many things, refrigerators being one of those items.

Bro took to the task like a pro and dismantled the innards including all the shelves, the ice maker, the tray in the freezer and the REST of the ice makers guts. What a disgusting mess. Everything was frozen in places it should only see air, bits of years old crumbs stuck in invisible places. Tracking all the ice and bits and pieces we hypothesized the problem to have ultimately been a slow clogging of the water flow into the ice maker. Apparently it had limed up causing water to squirt out the spout in an incorrect direction, gradually (many months!) causing it to slowly ice up everything from there to the bottom.

Now, in addition to my room upstairs, the kitchen was a trashed out disaster area also and only an hour from time to head to work.

Today I finally got the now working fridge put back together, clean as a whistle I might add! I’m so glad I’m not appliance shopping this weekend!

Taking a Saturday “rain day” I’ve been fussing about the house all day putting away blankets and sweeping away the last of winter’s cobwebs and assessing the scads of condiments sending many of them home to Hey Soose.


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