Winter’s Bone Premiere in West Plains, the Preamble

Well tomorrow evening is the long awaited and much to do about it West Plains premiere of Winter’s Bone. One would think it stars the already famous Marideth Sisco with all the hubub surrounding this event and all the others.


Marideth Sisco, producer Alix Madigan, Hannah Granik-Scheuer, director Debra Granik and producer Jonathan Scheuer; at Sundance Film Festival, 2010.

It is a pretty big deal really. Mar is famous in her own right … story teller from way back when (windy you might say), and a pillar in her community in many ways. There have already been countless Premieres of this movie around the country and Marideth has been present for many of them. But this one is in her home town, with her home town friends in attendance. There is going to be a lot of action Thursday night.

It all starts at Lois’s house with a pot luck to those invited. Then we will head on over to the Glass Sword and stand in line, hopefully not longer than an hour as many of us aren’t spring chickens anymore. It could rain even and that would throw a wrench into the plan. But we’re all throwing dead chickens at it NOT raining.

After the second showing there will be a QA session with some people of notoriety, or was that notorious people… anyway, then there will be a buffet of food and live music by the folks who performed in the film. That would be Blackberry Winter if I am correct in my understanding. Looks like a long evening.

So, earlier this evening I was speaking with my friend Will about the plan and made him aware of all this info and requested he stake out the parking lot plenty early and give us a heads up if it looked like we should dash over there all of a sudden and sooner than we had planned. He agreed and inquired about the food.

It will be interesting to see what the city folk serve on a buffet for a movie premiere about the impoverishment that exists and thrives on Meth in the Ozarks. Not that poverty didn’t exist before Meth but the two seem to thrive on each other.

If you know me well you will understand my sense of humor at the expense of almost anyone, but never with a trace of malice attached to it.

The buffet convo;

Me: Some kind of food, buffet I think will be serve after the QA session.

Will: What will they have on it?

Me: I don’t know … could be anything from KFC to possum and pawpaws or maybe vegetarian There’s a heck of a lot of vegetarians in the Ozarks, especially among that circle.

Will: Well, vegetarian would be nice but possum would be more in keeping with the theme.

Me: Yea. Or armadillo. I’ve got the corner on the armadillo market around these parts. My two dawgs have been dragging home at least one deceased armadillo every day, sometimes two.

Will: Still!?

Me: Yep. Every morning I get up and look out the front door. Every day there lays a dead armadillo, tits up smack dab in the middle of the yard where I can see it. Every day Bro hauls it off somewhere. (Wondering at this point if it IS a fresh armadillo every day or if they are dragging the same one back over and over. One morning there were actually 3 deceased armadillos in the yard. It’s slightly horrifying to say the least with their Jurassic armor and scratchy little feet pointing heavenward. Shuddder! )

Will: Lets hope for the vegetarian.

Me: (Wondering if fish and game has a bounty on armadillos and how much it might be.)

SO! See you there IF you were lucky enough to get one of the tickets to the two showings. It sold out in 3 1/2 hours, much faster than anticipated and I heard rumors people in the building where they were being sold didn’t get tickets because it wasn’t anticipated to be such a quick sellout.

Marideth Sisco has done a lot to promote this film; she is the musical consultant and lead singer in several songs, and she has quite a following in these parts. I’ll have my camera at the ready every inch of the evening and plan on taking scads of photos. Look for a lengthy post here and at Friday or Saturday at the latest.


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2 Responses to Winter’s Bone Premiere in West Plains, the Preamble

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  2. Lois Reborne says:

    I am guessing cornbread and beans and mebbe some pie or cobbler. I don’t think the arts council will go for all american bushmeat, but I will steer clear of anything buried in hot sauce or skewered in strips on the off chance. ( more shuddering)
    The armadillo descriptions were hilarious. Sure glad your girls are stopping them down south – fewer up here to clog the ditches.
    Hooray for Will representing us in the parking lot.
    Oh goddess – what will we wear? Cleavage, high heels, possum fur?

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