Off To The Premiere!

I’m off to the West Plains premiere of Winter’s Bone in a few minutes.

Fashion Note: I am taking heels and a cleavage top but no fur or leather as it is way too humid today and probably this evening also.

Food Note: The word is; there will probably be beans and cornbread and meeebe pie or cobbler. Pretty standard fare for Ozarks home cookin if’n your not a vegetarian.

Music Note: I’m looking forward to hearing that crooning Sisco voice.

Latrz all,


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One Response to Off To The Premiere!

  1. Lois Reborne says:

    You did the cleavage proud, girlfriend. And ha ha there was not a stinkin bean or nubbin of cornbread to be seen!
    That is one intense movie! I’m looking forward to seeing it again tomorrow night, just to see what all I missed.
    I’m so proud of Marideth, and all the local folks who shine in the movie.

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