The West Plains Premiere of Winter’s Bone

Marideth and Debra Granik after the 7 pm showing of Winter's Bone in West plains last night. The house was full.

That's me next to the Winter's Bone poster at The Glass Sword Theatre in West Plains.

Part of the pre-Premiere feast.

See more photos of the Winter’s Bone Premiere in West Plains at .

Things come together in unexpected ways and today was no different in that respect. I had opportunity to participate in the following conversation about “The War on Drugs”, the Ozarks, and the use of Methamphetamine and it’s effects on the people of this beautiful part of the country.

Everyone in the conversation gave permission to use their words, first names only. I did do a little editing.


David Harris; One TRILLION dollars well spent. Imagine how cheap recreational drugs would be without the government to keep the prices propped up.
U.S. war on drugs failing to meet goals
U.S. war on drugs failing to meet goals, After 40 years, the U.S. war on drugs has cost $1 trillion and hundreds of thousands of lives – and for what? Drug use is rampant and violence is even more brutal and widespread.

An answer may seem complex, but it isn’t. If we would follow Singapore’s model, and execute street drug dealers QUICKLY, the availability of illegal drugs would soon dry up, crime would be reduced, and we would have a healthier nation.

I’m with you Allan. If we call it a WAR, it should be fought like a WAR.

The “Drug Lords” of Mexico would likely kill one another off, find a different market, or go back to raising frijoles.

is there even one positive result of this “war”?

People the world over have ingested mind altering substances since the beginning of time and they will continue to do so one way or another. The “war” isn’t working. Wonder what kind of rehab could happen with one trillion bucks? While we’re at it we could “kill off” all the pedophiles, homos, tax evaders, Democrats/Republicans, commies, thieves, abusers, non-Christians, handicapped blood suckers, lazy bastards, stupid people etc. Wonder who would be left? Ok I’m definitely on a rant here. Probably need to add ranters to the list…

Read the rest of this conversation here and check out the links referring to Meth use in the Ozarks.

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