The Camp Out

The week long camp out was filled with everything but camping!

Expecting rain the first two days and by some fluke of the verse we acquired two five gallon tubs of mystery butter from Eastwind Community. Bakers to the ready! I threw together a batch of cookies for the Tuesday night crowd of about 30 and baked about 20 dozen nut butter cookies. I don’t know what happened to them all! They were vanishing as fast as I could pull them from the oven! They were pretty darn good even if I do say so myself.

Mixing up a batch of nut butter cookies. I should have used the Hobart but couldn't seem to locate the dough paddle.

Wednesday night I increased the recipe. Same vanishing act. I was over it by then. All that work and I only used a couple quarts of nut butter. Not enough to make a dent in one bucket let alone two of them! Besides that I may have gained 5 pounds in the process. And I was planning on making about a hundred cinnamon rolls for the next morning. Now a tradition, the cinnamon rolls are developing a life of their own; some with raisins, some plain, some with brown sugar and pecans.

Cinnamon rolls getting ready for the oven.

A lot of good food comes out of that kitchen when we start cooking!

Jori dancing the night away!

Jori at the mic.

Jori Costello

The dance night and music are always great! This year we were treated to not only Oxygenedge with Jori and Angela but also Big Bad Gina!

Angela Edge - this young woman can make you cry with her lyrics and beautiful soulful voice.

Melodie Griffis, Renee Janski and Jori Costello make Big Bad Gina. This was some seriously rockin’ music!
Big Bad Gina

This is the kind of outfit one resorts to when it's been too hot and all the clothes have been worn, twice! Hot pink, lime green and black. Being the MC for the talent show is always a hoot!

The fire goddesses kept the bonfire stoked.

The private dock got a lot of use this year with swimming and boat launching.


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