Big Garden Mentality? Maybe Not.


Seems a lot of folks have fantastic gardens already this year. Almost everyone I talk with has lettuce running out their ears. It was so cold and wet here early spring I didn’t plant any because I figured it would rot in the muck. A couple friends are keeping me supplied with the tasty greens … all kind of varieties. I most recently acquired a head of romaine, organically grown, large enough to rival anything I’ve seen in the stores.

Taken 3 weeks ago, look at the size of those squash plants!

Beautiful heads of broccoli.

Have you ever seen lettuce like this? Thanks to Guy Harris for the lettuce and allowing me to take pics.

My little container garden this year is so radically different for me I sometimes don’t know what to think about it. It’s downright small. And it’s chock full and has room for more and I think I’ll have plenty to feed me through the summer.

The tidy little space has me rethinking large garden mentality. Every summer I become a slave to the tangles mass of big garden, spending every waking minute either thinking about working it or actually working it. Then of course one has to eat, can, freeze, dry or dispose of the bounty!

Thes cayenne peppers were overwintered in teh house. They made a nice come back and are loaded with peppers, some already turning red.

Earth boxes hold a single tomato plant and a Genovese basil.

These eggplants are a little ragged around the edges! The photo is a couple weeks old and they are looking better now! They also are covered with 4 inch Ping Tung eggplants which I am looking forward to making into baba ganoush.

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