Absent and Present

I’ve been somewhat absent lately and not written much of anything.

I have been working on my friend Marideth’s blog. She is making quite a splash with her part in Winter’s Bone. It sure is great watching someone have their 15 minutes of fame, in fact her 15 minutes is turning into a lot more than that and she’s prepared to take that fame and hang on to it! Check her out on IMDb (Internet Movie Database).

Anyway, other than working on her blog, doing my regular day job, recuperating from a low grade infection, and oozing through the August heat in June I haven’t done as much as usual. I am very thankful in view of those aforementioned facts of my postage stamp sized garden and it’s daily offering to my lunch or dinner.

Today for instance, I made enough pesto for 2 lunches. That and a handful of crackers, a salad and a piece of cantaloupe with a apple-mint tea chaser made a fine lunch!

Tomorrow I’ll pick another Ping-Tung eggplant and dice it along with some onions. After sauteing it in olive oil I will create a pasta salad. Yum!

The NATF evening at the West Plains Civic Center last Friday night was pure pleasure! I don’t listen to the radio much and haven’t heard live radio since … well… a long time ago. The story lines were spectacular and watching the sound effects people was a thrill.


The cast and crew of the NATF evening. I understand I missed one heck of a cast party... but it wasn't going to get rolling till about midnight and I had a pumpkin to catch back to Calico Rock.

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One Response to Absent and Present

  1. Will says:

    glad you had a safe pumpkin ride

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