Mist in the Evenin’

At the confluence of the White and Norfork Rivers below the Norfork Dam it is often misty in the evenings. I stopped one recent evening to discover the most beautiful cloud of mist hanging just above the waterline and the setting sun a blaze of red, only to discover the abscence of my camera. My guest didn’t have her camera either. Talk about pathetic!

So we viewed the scene with awe knowing the exact amount of beauty would never be seen again. Not in the same way any way.

Last evening my friend Wyatt and I took a little side trip and ran by to see what awe inspiring views might be seen at sunset. Equally beautiful but different!

There is a small park with a few picnic tables just below the Norfork Dam hovering above the rapidly moving water. The temperature is always at least 10 degrees cooler there. It was almost dark when I took this photo.


I saved the best of the best for the Baxter County Fair 2010. Last year I took best of show and several blues and a couple reds. I’m hoping to do at least that well this year!

Baxter County Fair, black and white category, 3 blues and 2 reds.

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