Back From the Flat Lands

I’ve just returned from the flat lands, that would be Jonesboro, where I spent the weekend with a friend helping organize his little house and eating ethnic cuisines as much as possible. I didn’t make it all the way to Memphis where I would have had Ethiopian (one of my all time favorites), and where my friend Marideth was at another opening of the movie Winter’s Bone, but I did get to partake of Thai, Chinese (really good Chinese I might say) and Mexican.

All those meals out were a kind of thank you for helping thing and much appreciated.

There’s a little place called Tacos Don Richard on Nettleton just off Caraway Road that serves some of the best freshly made guacamole. It is always a favorite of mine. When you sit down at Dons they bring you a traditional basket of fresh fried corn chips, two kinds of fresh salsa, red and green (the green is usually fairly hot but not always), and a bowl of minced cilantro and onion to add to whatever you like. Yum!  So we ordered two guacamole’s to start and it was almost more than I could handle! I had the Chicken Quesadilla Relleno and my dining companion, Will, had the Chicken Burritos Don Richard. We quenched our thirst with tall bottles of Coca Cola bottled in Mexico and without high fructose corn syrup! Who would think sugar to be a health food?

Imperial on Highland Drive offers a lot of unique flavors, very few deep fried meat(less) balls, and some kind of fresh sauteed or stewed greens in addition to the full buffet. I had three crab rangoon and an egg roll, than a splash of hot and sour soup followed by Mongolian Chicken and Crazy Hot Wontons.

Kumarn on Stadium Boulevard is where we had lunch today. It was more busy than usual and we had to wait a few minutes longer than expected but it was well worth it. Will had the Panang Curry sans peppers (he really doesn’t like peppers cooked like that) and I had the Pad Thai, always safe! Sometimes I’m not as brave as I let on.

Then I went shopping for pans and such for my new venture in fruitcake baking which I will be announcing in a BIG way soon. Sometimes I miss the big city and all that shopping experience. It’s a trade off … city life and great shopping OR country life and ticks and chiggers.

Wait a minute, it’s not that bad. I haven’t had any ticks or chiggers in a long time. I did come home to a deceased adolescent possum though, all laid out neat and tidy near the front door. Those dogs of mine… they are such gift givers!

We did get Wills kitchen DONE in spite of all the eating out or maybe because of it! Glad to be back in the hills tonight listening to the tree frogs and crickets.

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  1. Will says:

    Thanks again!

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