Peaches and Cream

If I never see another peach it will be too soon, and there are still some on the kitchen table downstairs. And a small box in the fridge for safekeeping cause they won’t keep long in this (temporary) heat.

After spending a couple days at Marideth’s house (working), where I sliced MANY peaches and ate them, by the way, with fresh raspberries from Mary Badiny’s garden, I was silly enough to purchase a 1/2 bushel of the glorious globes for my own kitchen. What a task… peel, slice, lay out on cookie sheets and freeze. In the morning I’ll pop’em off the sheets and tuck them into freezer bags. They will mostly become smoothies through the fall and winter.

As kids the only way I remember eating fresh peaches was cut up (always cling peaches), sprinkled with sugar and a little cream poured over the top. Freestones seem to be a lot more flavorful.

You may know I seldom remember important details… just generalities. I have no idea what variety these are but they are unbelievable delicious! The juice was red, like the juice from a blood orange. And I have three huge cookie sheets covered with sliced peaches in the freezer with more to come!

Warm peaches, cold raspberries and melting ice cream! I added a splash of Oj once and that was great also.

Raspberry syrup. Fresh raspberries, sugar and some water. Bring to a boil and simmer about 10 minutes or until it thickens to your desired consistency. A quart of raspberries will make about a pint of syrup.

Bonnie Appetite!

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