The Last 3 Peaches…

The last 3 peaches!

… are still on my kitchen counter. Weighing heavy on my mind and in my gut! I couldn’t bring myself to eat them this morning after the last few days. Yesterday I only ate two but the day before I had seven. Not all at once mind you! So there they sit, waiting for me.

These peaches were nearly ripe when I bought them and they have had a fine shelf life for peaches. I will return to the same orchard next summer and buy more. This fall I plan on getting pears from them… the trees were loaded!

Potato patch. Try not to notice all the weeds in the background.

This morning I pulled a few weeds, chopped a few weeds, watered the little potato patch, which was acquisitioned from Marideth earlier this summer, and swept the patio/s. Then I looked at the peaches again… maybe later I’ll eat them.


UPDATE!  This just in… “The peaches came from Carson’s Orchard up toward Willow, and the variety was Jefferson, one I’d never heard of before. If you wanted to grow a peach tree, it would be a good one to try, because it matures later and is freestone. Most peaches, including this one, are self-fertile, so you’d only have to plant one. However, the variety comes from a grafted tree, so you won’t get a Jefferson from a Jefferson peach pit.”

Recipe; Brandied Peaches

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