Ozark Gangsters!

I usually check my and Marideth’s blog every day to see what the stats tell me. It’s nice to know what people are reading the most, how they got to your blog… from where, and what terms they used on search engines.

This morning I was looking around the stats and my goodness, someone found MY blog by searching gangsters Ozark hills. And they found ME! I had a smile and a bit of a chuckle over that one. No offense to anyone okay!

I have heard some interesting questions since becoming involved with Winter’s Bone (even though it’s a second hand involvement) about the state of life here in the Ozarks. Yes the movie does indeed portray an aspect of the Ozarks that is very real. And lively. Just like a small portion of some slum area filled with any deprived, hungry, downtrodden minority. Is the portrayal accurate? Yes. Is it indicative of the whole city? No.

Marideth making her presentation; Economic Movement in the Ozarks. Notice the Broadfoot collection behind her on the wall. The Harlin Museum is proud to possess the entire collection of 150 pieces and usually has several to many on display at any given time.

Last night Marideth spoke at the Harlin Museum in conjunction with the Smithsonian “Journeys” exhibit about the Economic Movement in the Ozarks. She referred to the situation of out-migration and told stories of her family and their out-migrations using a few other examples as well. She spoke briefly of the socioeconomic similarities between the previous moonshine industry and the current meth industry relating to the hard scrabble and ingenious ability of early Ozarkers to make it on this sparse and rough land, and their akin to isolated living conditions,poverty and the necessity to do what it takes to earn a living.

Bryce Hathcock, curator of the Harlin Museum in West Plains, gives a lengthy introduction to Marideth and speaks about his personal collection of artifacts relating to "Journeys".

Maybe that is how someone got into their head the Ozarks have gangsters. I haven’t seen any; unless you call those kids with their pants falling down around their kneecaps gangsters. I think they are just making a fashion statement.

Next Friday evening at 7 P.M. Sasha Daucus will lead a panel discussion on the back to land movement into the Ozarks and the significance that has had on the Ozarks today. Hope to see you there!

Folks lined up quick for autographed and numbered copies of Marideth's book, These Ozark Hills. You can contact her at maridethsisco@yahoo.com if you'd like to order a copy or go directly to maridethsisco.esty.com to place your order.


One of the many panels in the Smithsonian "Journeys" exhibit at the Harlin Museum.

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4 Responses to Ozark Gangsters!

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  2. moonmooring says:

    After all my hard work I have discovered two errors. And after Firefox crashing, the computer locking up and me rebooting, I give up!

    In my zeal to post what i thought a clever idea, my brain reworked the main word for me. The REAL search engine term was MOBSTER not gangster! “Mobsters Ozark hills” it really said. Ahhh the age of technology!

    Enjoy the read ya’all.

  3. eb - mom says:

    Very Interestiang Sarah…Love you…mom
    And..We had a really great trip and visit…Thank you for all of
    your hospitality. Enjoy the rest of the avacado…laffin

    • moonmooring says:

      Thank you Mom! I enjoyed seeing you and Dad relax as much as you did. In spite of all the cooking you did! Wish I hadn’t been so tired…I need to finish off the guacamole soon!

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