The New Library Is Open! And other great adventures this weekend.

We now have a real full fledged library in Mountain Home. With a big computer station. Unfortunately this library is still one of the noisiest quiet zones I’ve ever been in. I haven’t taken the tour yet but did get a map and direction/instructions for bringing coffee from the coffee shop into the library. Imagine that, a coffee shop IN the library. I may visit here more often.

Sunburst Ranch is a great place to put in if you are a canoe or kayak enthusiast.

I spent Saturday afternoon and evening at the Sunburst Ranch in southern Missouri near Dora at the ORC Concert By The River, an annual fundraiser for something.  It started as usual with a group of women drummers, went to a solo singer/guitar player, then a few guys, name unknown to me, then the Big Draw, the local over 50’s rock and roll stars. Pretty much the same linup as last year. A couple years in a row I performed with that group. It was a blast, but being the first in the lineup it is usually still killer hot even in September.

Looking up-creek.

I hadn’t planned on attending. Mega work to be done in the garden and I had a load of corn given to me and I was planning a corn chowder. The phone call at 11 from Marideth changed my mind. I do tend toward hermitness way too often. She said she needed to get out of the house and just hang out with friends away from the phone for a while and would I be one of those friends. Sure!

Marideth in the middle, crooning with Gordon, and CD on the right.

Marideth ended up singing with two of the groups, after having stated she might sing one song… maybe. She has been performing with all these people since day one, so it was grand music!

The silent auction is always a hit. Every year the same darn old Elvis painting (actually on bad velvet) re-appears and sells for more than everything else combined. It's a tried and true tradition. Sometimes the lucky bidder and custodian for the year, adds enhancements to this priceless work of art!

I had a really great time and was more than glad I had taken the evening off to attend. Connected with an old friend I hadn’t seen in many many years. And I got to schmooz with lots of folks I rarely see but cherish. AND the vegetarina chili and carrot cake were way yummy!

Enjoying the vibes, the company, and the food.

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