Full Moon on the Rise

Last night on my way home, about 28 hours after full, full moon.

About 30 minutes before it was completely dark out and the moon was fully up.

Full moon reflection on Lake Norfork.

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5 Responses to Full Moon on the Rise

  1. Will says:

    those are really cool pictures, i especially like the one of the moon on the lake

  2. eb - mom says:

    These are so good…I like them all..I took a few the other night, but didn’t have my tripos, so they probably will be blurred…

  3. moonmooring says:

    It’s the first time I got good pictures of the moon and it was cool! Thnx for the comments.

  4. CC says:

    Great pictures, what got you going about the moon?

    • moonmooring says:

      Thank you CC. I have always liked and been intrigued by the moon. Such beautiful light from a full one. We’ve all gotta be interested in something! Sometimes I’m interested in TOO many things.


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