The Devil had to be the Inventor!; and Great Meal #1 consumed.

The Devil himself had to have invented and made the vacuum cleaner I’m sure. Or some man who never used one, doesn’t really know what they are for and did not do a follow up study on their effectiveness.

The upstairs is as clean as it’s going to get today. Major crevices and large open spaces have been vacuumed. Cumbersome as it is, I have a great vacuum. Borrowed it may be but I call it mine for the present. It’s one of those water chamber deals (brand not to be divulged?) that really does suck up 99.999% of all the dust and dirt in your house. Including cleaning the air in a closed room when left to run for about 30 minutes. You can even put a drop or two of essential oil in the water chamber and it will enhance the aroma of a room.

Now I’m working on the downstairs! Which is another story altogether. So many things to tempt me away from being focused… the laundry room, the kitchen (I could spend a while day in the kitchen, cooking, organizing, cleaning, fussing about), the patio beckons with it’s carpet of acorns (just since yesterday when I last swept), the craft room and my long ignored sewing projects; and there sits my camera at the ready to take food photos!

So focusing on just getting the vacuuming done, maybe a little dusting and straightening the kitchen up some seems a challenge. All those things pulling at me, including the darn vacuum, which seems to weigh a hundred pounds (I shall not exagerate today) and have a mind of its’ own. It’s a test of my mental and physical strength to drag, push, pull and coerce the thing along a negotiable path.

So, here I sit for a few moments, sipping gulping a tall glass of iced green tea with local honey, enjoying the warm fall breeze wafting through the house, typing away my vacuum cleaner woes.

Great meal #1 today was diced organic small red potato, diced zucchini, onions, garlic and broccoli and sauteed until tender crisp, then 2 scrambled cooked in, topped with a dollop of salsa and sided with whole grain toast, lightly buttered mind you, and a generous serving of the pear jam I made yesterday, which by the way netted me 30 pints of pears, 9 – 1/2 pints of pear butter, 14 – 1/2 pints of pear jam and 25 pears still on the dining table.

I’ve got garlic roasting in the oven right now and another great meal planned for later today! Kind of thought I would have company but haven’t heard a peep from them yet. Back to that darn vacuuming then! And maybe the 20 pounds or so of apples that need to be worked up.

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5 Responses to The Devil had to be the Inventor!; and Great Meal #1 consumed.

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  2. Will says:

    that sounds like a great meal, I only had onions in my scrambled eggs today

  3. Moonmooring says:

    Meal #2 was equally delicioso! Collards straight from the garden to the pan with onions fried in a dab of bacon grease and some chicken broth; fresh red sauce with the absolute last of the tomatoes, peppers, onions, roasted garlic, fresh basil over rotini (my favorite) and smothered with feta cheese. A slab of garlic bread, multigrain of course and I am one happy, well fed camper. Yum!


  4. eb - mom says:

    I browned frozen hash brown (that I shredded and froze) added lots of sliced onions, some diced ham, then added scrambled eggs and topped it off with salsa. very good. got the idea from the dutch oven receipes….love you…mom

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