The “To Do” in Springfield Last Tuesday

Debra Granik verbalizing which she does so well. Bo Brown, back left.

The Moxie Theatre was rented by Debra Granik and anyone having anything to do with Winter’s Bone was invited for free to attend a screening of 1) the extra footage, 2) the making of Winter’s Bone and 3) Hillbilly Up, a testimonial from local persons in the movie about what it means to be a hillbilly and do they think of themselves as one. Let me tell ya, it was good. After all the RSVP’s came in from the movie folk it opened to the public, once again free. I was glad I went.


Marideth Sisco after one too many fish and chips.

Afterward many in the audience went next door to an un-named pub (really I never could find the name and meant to ask the owner but forgot) and hung out for a while. The fish and chips were tasty! They didn’t have bottled water, my beverage of choice in a bar, but assured me the tap water was seriously filtered so I went for it.


You might recognize some of the folks in the movie here.

Billy Ward and Tedi May; jamming with the best.

After that about 20 or so went down the road a spell to Bo Brown’s house for a jam session. Nice. Nice place, nice music, nice crowd, great gumbo and cornbread!


Van Colbert and Debra's film woman (R).

It is fair to say a good time was had by all.


Jonathan Scheuer, Debra Granik, Dennis Crider, Tedi May, Marideth Sisco. I hope you have gotten far enough along to read my apology for the poor pictures. I may have had one too many tap waters and did forget to adjust the camera properly this evening!

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5 Responses to The “To Do” in Springfield Last Tuesday

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  2. Margaret Underwood says:

    I thought the photo were fine! The gumbo and cornbread sound soooooo good. Do y’all (youse guys?) like grits and okra out there?


    • Moonmooring says:

      Thanks Margaret. They aren’t up to my usual grade and were barely ok. SOME of us like grits and okra. I can take em or leave em the grits, and once in a while I get a hankering for okra, fried of course. Too slimy any other way for me!

      Hope you are enjoying the look around my blog.


  3. eb - mom says:

    I thought the pics were good also…What is, is….Love you…mom

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