What’s So Special About Nebraska? (via Veronica Twizzler)

Sometimes I wish I could write like this… so fun! I did have a problem with her calling Missouri “gay” There is entirely too much of that sort of thing going on. I enjoy reading something so “flip” once in a while.


What's So Special About Nebraska? I seriously would like to know…. Last week I was discussing with a good friend of mine how I was in desperate need of escape from my mundane life. Yes, my life has in fact gone stale. Routine day-in-day-out. Ask me what I did today and you'll get the usual "Eh…not much". Sad…. So she suggested I go on a trip. By myself?! NO! Seriously? ….Seriously? She then proceeded to inform me on her upbringings in a place called Nebraska. I then thoug … Read More

via Veronica Twizzler

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