Willie Nelson in Mountain Home!

I’m not the most avid country fan in the country, my listening tendencies run toward Pink Floyd, Ozzie, Steppenwolf OR Natalie Merchant and the likes. But Willie is an icon transitioning between many genres of music and well … an icon! So, off I will go to this amazing opportunity to see him this close to home in a fantastic venue.

Willie Nelson will be in Mountain Home, Arkansas, to perform at the Vada Sheid Community Development Center on Thursday, December 9 at 7 p.m.


Reported by the Baxter Bulletin few days ago I almost forgot about it with all the hubub that goes on in my life. You can still get tickets (as of this writing anyway) at iTickets .

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4 Responses to Willie Nelson in Mountain Home!

  1. I just found your blog. It is nice to see a blog about the Ozarks. This is my new home. I moved to Springfield about a year ago from South Florida. Definitely different. You should check out my site http://www.kudosbuzz.com. It is a new site. A place to share good experiences about companies, services, and products. It is free to read the kudos and to post a kudos. I really am hoping to focus on the Ozarks first and than expand to other rural areas. The big cities already get enough attention lol.

  2. eb - mom says:

    I really like Willie Nelsons songs…Wish we were going to be there then…

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