No freeze yet!

Nothing froze in the garden last night!

Already thinking of spring when the flowers will bloom!

Wishing I had fresh photos but I don’t, not of the garden anyway. The current garden news is; baby lettuce doing great (one harvest), broccoli big and strong, cauliflower doing well, cabbage hanging in their, collards growing in leaps and bounds (4 or 5 harvests so far), peas up about an inch, Brussell sprouts holding their own (they might know I don’t really care for them,hence the slow growth rate), 4 basil plants still very aromatic and healthy (even though I really should harvest and put them out of their misery… maybe one more batch of pesto eh…).

As a really first time garden project I am attempting some Oak leaf sweet potatoes. Not growing them silly it’s too cold right now! But I have starts I will attempt to keep alive through the winter. With any luck there will be enough for myself and several other people. I’ll try to keep you posted on that project!

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One Response to No freeze yet!

  1. eb - mom says:

    Good Luck…mom

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