Stone Buildings Near West Plains, Missouri

Last weekend I attended the three day Missouri Community Scholars Regional Workshop facilitated by Lisa Higgins, director of the Missouri Folk Arts program along with guest speakers Deb Bailry, Marideth Sisco, Matt Meacham, Barbara Williams and Jackson Medel.

You may guess my favorite part of the weekend was the great photo op presentation by Barbara Williams of old stone buildings which is her current specialty. She has a book in the works documenting stone building in a seven county area dated in the 1930’s and 40’s. We looked at six buildings in the area, each unique yet with similarities of construction.

In Olden Missouri, a school building dated to 1930's. The hornets nest reminds me of a gargoyle!

A side view of the Olden school house.

Reflections in the window of the Hutton Valley school house, built by the WPA during the 30's.


Hutton Valley school, front view.

Still in use, this building was once a gas station in Mountain View Missouri.

This little building has a definite cottage feel about it. Located in Mountain View, Missouri it sits next to an old service station acting as a liquor store, still in operation.

Great details went into the construction of this cottage like building.


The service station in Mountain View Missouri.

Barbara Williams standing at the door of the Wade family service station in Mountain View Missouri. This building has been owned and operated by the family since it was built in 1934. It is beautifully maintained.


A Catholic Church still in use built in 1935.

The church bell.

Detail of the church roof line.


White Church School located in White Church Missouri. Circa 1920's.

Detail of the White Church School roof. I love those vines that creep over the sides creating all those designs.

Our last stop for the day was at Stuart Union near West Plains; this church still in use was built in 1934. The light was quickly waning and i was fairly tired so there aren't but a couple shots here.

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7 Responses to Stone Buildings Near West Plains, Missouri

  1. lis says:

    These are beautiful! Meant to write that yesterday.

  2. John Reece says:

    I am so glad you are preserving these beautiful old stone buildings in photographs. My parents built a stone and stucco two story house at Vanzant, MO in 1940. I was born there. There is another wonderful bungalow style stone house on highway 76 just east of the 95/76 intersection north of Vanzant.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i leave near white church and their is a few more stone buildings. you have to go down some county roadsto find them.

  4. Jessica says:

    I too am writing about stone buildings…specifically those built in Minnesota/WPA buildings. Stone work is my particular favorite! very similar to what I have photographed. Will share pics and ideas. Am intrigued by the sililarities and differences in construction. Would like to correspond and learn more. Hope to hear from you soon. Maybe Barbara Williams would be interested in co-authoring???

  5. Owen Caton says:

    I fondly remember attending Hutton Valley School from second grade through eighth. I visited the building yesterday, August 31, 2014 with two of my daughters. It still looks great and looks to be well maintained. I will celebrate 84 years of age in December.
    George Owen Caton.

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