Too Wild Quilters, photos of Barbara’s work

Barbara and Jan at Too Wild Quilters are two wild quilters! As I mentioned in a previous post, I visited Barbara at her home and studio for lunch and a tour. My photos don’t do justice to the amazing, fun and crazy art quilts she makes! I couldn’t get enough “looks” at them.

Barbara next to one of her original characters. Most of her art quilts are in this general size range.


This piece has a definite "Native American" feel to it. It is created from an old car washing rag her husband was throwing away. Barbara being the ever creative and up-cycling artist she is salvaged it to make this beautiful piece.

Barbara, does a bit of custom fabric dying and fabric painting to add depth and character to her finished work. A new version of an old folk art, this is an evolutionary art form in process.

One of her many portrait quilts, hand painted for depth.


Whimsical is often the name of the game! Here is “I went shopping for a handbag and all I found was a fish in a box.”
I love Barbara’s use of three dimensional objects in her two dimensional art form. This woman is wearing a real glass bead on her necklace. And a chicken on her shoulder.
Seldom feeling the need to conform to traditional values in her quilting, this trapezoid portrait quilt veers from the equilateral of more traditional works.
More whimsy and fantastic color combinations!

My understanding is, Barbara will be presenting a workshop sometime soon; it will include the dying process through creating your own portrait quilt. Look for more details about the workshop on her blog at Too Wild Quilters .


A great studio filled with natural light, organized and well stocked!


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2 Responses to Too Wild Quilters, photos of Barbara’s work

  1. Karen says:

    Just discovered your blog and wonderful faces . An inspiration!
    Karen from Ancaster, Ontario

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