The Absolute LAST Tomatoes, this year.

These tomatoes were picked weeks ago and all ripened nicely. I didn’t grow them. They came from someone’s plot in the community garden in West Plains. No I didn’t confiscate them. I came by them honestly via another. I have no idea how they acquired them.

So, anyway, I turned them all into tomato soup. I would have been happy to share the recipe with you but it didn’t turn out well. Too much garlic and basil, and that after I told someone you could never get too much garlic and basil. Well you can, get too much. It tastes like a thin pasta sauce. Not a bad pasta sauce, just thin. A bit on the harsh side. I added a dab of honey to take the edge off, you know late season tomatoes can be a bit dour.

So, being the daredevil cook I am, I added some of the leftover stuffing from Dead Bird Day. I didn’t seem to have any crackers or croutons so it was my only option. It was an improvement. Go ahead, have a giggle. You really missed something though … that apple pie wasn’t much to look at but dang was it ever delicious! Gone now!

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