The (Botox needed) Tree of Christmas Past

The tree is up. But up is such a poor substitution for what I hoped for. I hoped for decorated in addition to up. But I’m pooped and the tree is ugly and it’s the worse Christmas faux pas I’ve made since the year of the black tree.

Of which I will tell you … I had cash flow and new ornaments in mind. I was entranced with these cool purple Christmas tree balls and purple lights. Yea. I bought a white tree to put them on, took it all home (including purple foo-foo stuff to hang on it), threw it all on the tree, lit’er up, and almost cried. It was black. It looked black. It was the death tree of Christmas.

Not to be maudlin, but Michael, my significant other at the time was dying of cancer. We knew it was his last Christmas with us. He laughed at my black Christmas tree. So I smiled and let it be. But gads it was bad.

Hiding amongst the baubles.

This year my parents are coming for the holidays and I have shed my Bah Hum Bug attitude, of which I am so very well known, and in the spirit of Grinchlessness I am putting up two trees. The white tree is downstairs and I have planned to make it very bright. I purchased some more new ornaments for it. Much less expensive this time and certainly not dark! Lots of flash and shimmer. Silver and red. White lights, silver bells, delightful red plastic candy canes! It was (a whopping) fifteen bucks well spent.

Sneaky buzzard!

It’s up, but still naked. Well, one of my little fuzzy green Grinches is riding a branch, holding down the fort so to speak until I find the lights. Nothing else can happen until I find them and get the tree lit.

So, in honor of Michael, a bright white tree of light this year in nearly the same spot it was last time. What’s the faux pas you might ask? It’s an ugly tree. It has not aged gracefully! It’s been in the attic for far too many years and a shot of Botox would certainly help. A fake white tree, well, it doesn’t get any more gauche than that.

This photo really tells a story.


The tree,
as you can see,
is hiding a surprise,
open your eyes
and see the tree
before the Grinch
makes you cries.

Fully decorated!

Merry Christmas ya’ll,

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2 Responses to The (Botox needed) Tree of Christmas Past

  1. eb - mom says:

    Hey Sarah, no matter what it is it will be beautiful, and If you like, wait and we will help decorate it when we get there on Sunday. I only put up our small fibre optic treee since we are going to be gone.. No lights on the hill this year. Now the town people will wonder what is going on, no lights…..See you soon, and soave some work for me…Nite…Love you

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