What Folks are saying about Moonmooring Fruitcake!

Get your Moonmooring fruitcake’s before it’s too late.

Walnuts and Cherries only in this fruitcake. Also available, traditional.

Thanks Sarah: The cakes came last Friday, however I didn’t pick them up until Monday morning. They were beautifully packaged and the delivery was only 1 day. They are exceptionally  delicious, the texture is moist and fresh, good balance between all the flavors, beautiful to the eye. They are the nicest fruitcake I have had the pleasure of eating. I am very pleased with them and I hope to have another order for you before the 15th. Thank you so much.



Just so you know, I hate, and I mean I hate fruitcake!!!   Tom made me try a piece of the stuff you made……..W.O.W……I don’t hate fruitcake anymore…..that is a great recipe.  Tom said you are selling it on Etsy……that’s so cool!  I hope you do well with it.  I know you’d be able to sell that possum grape jelly for sure, god that stuff was good and I’m really not a jelly eater.  And just so you know, every time I want a PB&J, it’s hard for me to make it without the yummy jelly you make.  Can’t hardly eat the store-bought stuff.  So if you ever make any more possum grape, I will be happy to buy some from you.  You go girl!!! Good luck with the cakes & stuff.

Love ya,



I just listed your awesome item in my new treasury, “Holiday Hunger Pains”.


Listing: http://www.etsy.com/listing/59862376/traditional-fruitcake-one-pound


I have included an item from your shop in my new Treasury: Baking, Making & Tasting. I hope you can take a look, comment and give it some promotion. Thank you.

Gothic Glass Studio


… and the fruitcake is delicious – remind me what the two different kinds are.  We tried the unwrapped ones today and Bob said it tasted like a delicious piece of decadent candy.  He said to tell you that it is the first piece of fruitcake he has ever enjoyed in his life.  And I think the small pieces are exactly the right size – any larger and it would be too much.

See you soon….. b



The Fruit Cakes arrived and they are Delicious!


Wanda H

No problem getting here (the fruitcake). It is perfect. Doesn’t need liquor added to make it perfect. I really love a fruitcake full of nuts and this one is!!!Thanks so much. Now I am wondering what else you make?

One more, this from an old school chum, David,

Some of you may have noticed that my friend Sarah makes fruitcake for sale. Let me assure you that these are not the traditional store-bought fruitcake that could be used as building materials. They are fresh-baked and delicious. Get your orders in now! When our new roof was being installed a few weeks ago, one of the worker’s wives came over with a young boy that she was baby-sitting. Turns out that it was his 4th Birthday. Well, he asked my wife Diane if she had any birthday cake. She said, “Yes, I happen to have some SPECIAL Birthday Cake”. She cut him a slice of Sarah’s Fruitcake and he liked it and asked for another slice, which Diane gave him. Fortunately there was still plenty left when I got home from work.


Get your Moonmooring fruitcake’s before it’s too late.

Ordering and shipping schedule;

Christmas delivery

order by, December 15; I will ship on the 18th and 20th to ensure delivery

New Years delivery

order by December 24, I will ship on the 27th only.

Please remember this is a home baked item, there are only so many hours in a day. Please order as early as you can to ensure your delivery of the fruitcake’s you want.

Local orders, please contact me directly by e mail, moonmooring@yahoo.com



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One Response to What Folks are saying about Moonmooring Fruitcake!

  1. will says:

    here’s something from another fruitcake disliker, the cherry/nut fruitcake that i tried is goooooooooood.

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