Three countries? Are you kidding?



New Zealand

I’ve been to the border in Mexico when I was a kid with my parents. We did a lot of shopping and eating. I’m confident the interior would be much more lovely, but it seems so close to home to be on the “have to have it” list. I remember the sombrero my brother got. He wore it all the time, school, around the yard.

Lush and exotic is New Zealand, a bit like Dauphin Island where unusual things grow in unusual ways. Spiderwort growing on a large fallen tree branch.

New Zealand is a new desire. I’ve several friends who visited and I caught some show on TV about the gourmet food produced in the country. I can’t imagine more stunning raw landscape to photograph than New Zealand. Enough reasons for me.

I’ve also developed a taste for truffle oil, thank-you-so-much-Marideth Sisco for bringing it to me from Torino. It is my understanding truffles grow beautifully in NZ, along with many other world delicacies.

Majestic but dwarfed in comparison to Ayers Rock, these stand hundreds of feet tall near Chloride AZ and were hand painted in the late 60’s.

Peru, for the pure magic of the Andes. That’s all.

Australia because it has always been a fascination. Since early childhood it has called me. Hardly seems worthwhile to go for less than a month, more would be good, and that month plus just hasn’t been available. That and the cash flow. Yea a little light in the cash flow department for Australia. Ayers Rock will be there for as long as it takes me to get there, even if it’s another lifetime.

ahhh ... Mytilinni.

Greece would be on the list but I’ve been there. For three weeks. On someone else’s dime. I will be forever beholding to that someone. My dear sister. When I can I will take her back to Athens, Mytilinni, Spicy Fast Food, and Turkey. And the soapmakio… private joke.

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