New Years Day in the Ozarks

I spent the weekend with my son and his sweetheart, Holly. They’ve been together eight years now. I expect they will marry soon. Holly will graduate with her masters this spring and most aspects of their life will change. All for the good I hope!

Holly and Adrian in Fayetteville at the farmers market last summer. Aren’t they handsome.

Anyway, I haven’t visited them in many months and they’ve been doing some minor remodeling so off I went for New Years Day visit. My start was 2 hours late because if I’m not on a clock it’s difficult to be motivated. A leisurely start is my preferred way. No alarm clocks for me, unless I have to be somewhere. The day was half over by the time I arrived.

We had a great visit, lunch, and a shopping expedition in the big city of Fayetteville. Everything was closed. Except Wal-mart. So we cruised the aisles of the great 24/7 store while my oil was being changed  and I bought a hula hoop. “An oil change and a hula hoop please”, I stated to the young man behind the desk, who was obviously cross training. He had to ask a co-worker how to make a transaction with a check.

Patience. Breathe. Smile. Happy New Year young man.

I love hula hoops and own four. A certain amount of play is healthy for adults. A stress relief if you will. The young checker didn’t really know how to respond to a woman old enough to be his grandmother purchasing a hula hoop and an oil change.

Once we discovered all our other shopping destinations closed at 6 p.m. on  a Saturday night… ok so it IS New Years Day, and at a loss as to what to do with ourselves, off we went to Braum’s for ice cream. I coudn’t imagine the woes of all those people driving around looking for a place to spend their Christmas gift cards.

Once back at their home it was “Rock Band” with Adrian on drums and Holly on guitar, then Inception. More on the subject later! (It’s actually “later” now that I’m getting around to posting this AND Inception was GOOD!)

This morning I officially started my carb poor diet. Except for the ice cream. Picked straight from the garden, brocolli; and carrots, onions, celery stir fried with fresh ginger and garlic to which I added a cup of leftover rice then a scrambled egg for a complete meal and three servings of vegetables out of the way for the day. Grapefruit, there was grapefruit.

Adieu, and thanks to WordPress for giving us all a jump start on blogging in 2011!

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2 Responses to New Years Day in the Ozarks

  1. Doug says:

    An oil change and a hula hoop …that’s a hoot.. but pray tell… four hula hoops?

    Have I missed certain colors suggest the hoop is better going counter-clockwise or vice versa or the other way around round.



    • S says:

      It’s been FIVE YEARS! and I’m just now replying to this. Can you believe that!? I have no idea what brought me to this post today OR why I didn’t reply to you in January of 2011. But here we are. Yes hula hoops. Shrug…what can I say? I like ’em. I hope you are still a reader… 🙂

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