Credit? Who needs more credit? I do, that’s who.

I could always use a little more credit. What for, you may be thinking. Flexibility and the ability to be totally Piscean in nature all the while remaining well grounded and happy.

Spotted in a friends back yard last week, this cuddly guy trumpeted off then started bouncing straight up into the air like a kangaroo. I uderstand this is why they are so often killed by automobiles ... they get frightened once under a car and jump up, which kills them instantly and leaves them tits up on the road.

Armadillos are less than my favorite creature. In the whole world. I’ve spoken of them before and may or may not add a link to my other posts so you can read all my ranting’s about armadillos. About a year or so ago my two large medium outdoor dogs discovered the plethora of armadillo migrating to the area, and that they could tag team them and kill them. All this to my total horror! Do not misunderstand. I strongly DISlike the creatures. What I dislike even more though is having a deceased one in my yard. And more than that I dislike having two.. or three… gads! there should ever be more than that present and deceased in my yard at any given moment!

Good dogs… still I wonder at the possibility of a bounty on the beasts, it would be all the much more worthwhile.

Armadillos are considered a nuisance, I’ve never been able to find out what purpose they serve in the food chain, other than tearing up  a yard overnight. Falling hapless into an armadillo hole risks a broken ankle or worse but disposing of a carcass is so absolutely yucky. I would almost pay to have them removed from my yard. Dinner anyone?

All that said, I am flexing with the influx of “dillos in this neck of the woods. It really should be too cold here for the dang things!

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