Amygdalas and such, or how big is yours?

I couldn’t resist. I love all things psychological and ran across this great article about the relationship between your amygdala and the number of social contacts one has.

” … what does the amygdala actually do? “[It’s] strongly connected with almost every other structure in brain. In the past, people assumed it was really important for fear. Then they discovered it was actually important for all emotions. And it’s also important for social interaction and face recognition,” Barrett says. “The amygdala’s job in general is to signal to the rest of brain when something that you’re faced with is uncertain. For example, if you don’t know who someone is, and you are trying to identify them, whether it is a friend or a foe, the amygdala is probably playing a role in helping you…” Read the rest here.

This post has nothing to do with the Ozarks specifically but hey! It’s my blog  and I can run amok any time I like!

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