A Couple Photos From last month

December brought my parents all the way from Utah and my brother all the way from down the road and Adrian & Holly from Fayetteville. I sorely missed having my sister and her daughters here. We made do. At least she sent goodies, and LOTS of them. In fact I’m still working on consuming all the holiday treats.

Mom and Dad working on Bro's gift to me!

Henry gave me heat in my upstairs this year for Christmas. I think it was a fantastic gift! You may be wondering … but you see, I’ve lived in this house for 25 +/- years and never had real honest to goodness reliable heat in the upstairs. Oh sure there’s an electric room heater in the bedroom and even a propane wall heater in the living room. Neither one of those options is really viable. propane is so darn expensive! I mostly use it to keep the house from freezing if I’m to be gone extended periods of time. And the room heater is just that. No more.

So heat was my gift from Bro. A new duct and vents to heat the upstairs from my wood fired heating unit in the basement! YEA! Real heat!

Adrian’s birthday falls right before Christmas so we had cake and ice cream for him. He usually gets cheated out of a real birthday party so this year we invited all the family and a couple friends. His in-laws, his father and a bunch of second cousins were in attendance. Well, his grandparents and myself also.


The candle heat is beginning to get out of hand with 28 flames.

The man after blowing out all 28 candles.

It’s a great life in the Ozarks!

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3 Responses to A Couple Photos From last month

  1. eb - mom says:

    Adrians cake looks like a forest fire..laffin…/Thats a good shot of Henry also….Dad and I are fine here. Lots of sunshine, expect a bit of snow this weekend…Love you…mom

  2. Debbie Jolly says:

    A heat source is a very nice gift as well as having your family together!

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