Ooops! I’ve missed a few days!

You have to realize, if there is no word from me it’s because I’m so busy there’s no time to write and more things to write about than one can shake a stick at. That’s exactly what’s been going on the last several days.

It was off to West Plains, then to Springfield in the snow and slush. Kind of like an adventure. The best part of that one was dinner at Olive Garden where I had a lemony chicken dish with tortellini. After all the salad I could eat and a bread stick, the chicken and pasta were perfect. Then I was really decadent and had coffee and desert. The tiramisu of course; what else would I choose when tiramisu is available. It wasn’t the best I’ve ever had but it came real close. The coffee on the other hand was great. I might add the service was impeccable. Thumbs up to the Olive Garden in Springfield!

I did my regular Thursday gig at Heroes Coffee Shop helping to make soups. I felt much more familiar with my surroundings and the pace was less frantic. Next week I hope to feel like I actually know what I’m doing! Last week I barely had a chance to take a tiny sip of a couple of the five soups we made. This week I seriously sampled both the Chicken Tortilla and the Tomato Basil Bisque. Yum! To both. Although the Chicken Tortilla was my favorite. Stop by and git ya some; Heroes and Howell Valley Grocery is a happening place in West Plains. Oh, the coffee! Absolutely the best coffee in West Plains!

After all that soup making I had my sights set on checking out The Fish Shack which I have heard good things about from many people. Catfish isn’t among my top ten food choices but the good reviews just keep pouring in. So off I went with Marideth and Linda for an evening meal. I was very pleased. The catfish was delicate and tasty. Great slaw, beans and hush puppies. And they had my non-caffeine late night beverage of choice, Sierra Mist. I had to skip desert because the portions are quite ample and I usually check out the restrooms but didn’t make it there either. Stop by and tell Stacey I sent you. I’ll be back to try the shrimp!

After that big dinner I headed over to listen to the Davis Creek Rounders rehearse. As usual, it was an ear full of great music. Linda and Marideth both have sweet voices.

So you see, a lot has been happening and there really hasn’t been much spare time. Still no photos … that’s the real crime.

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One Response to Ooops! I’ve missed a few days!

  1. will says:

    glad you enjoyed the fish!

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